Crain's Detroit Business covered how Steelcase in Grand Rapids was experimenting with "wormholes" to foster communication between far flung corporate locations. 

According to the article:

Steelcase Inc. President and CEO Jim Hackett sees that his colleague David Kelley is gathering things on his desk to run off to a meeting, so he waves his hand to flag Kelley down for a couple of quick questions.
They had talked earlier that morning about the news of the day. Now Hackett wants Kelley's opinion on a new business venture.
"Are you leaving, David?" Hackett asks the founder and chairman of the design firm Ideo. Kelley stops his bustle, sits on the edge of his desk and nods that he has a minute.
The two men talk as if they were six feet from each other -- instead of 2,300 miles and three time zones apart.
They had met through Steelcase's "wormhole," a 24-hour, high-definition video connection between Hackett's office at corporate headquarters in Grand Rapids and Kelley's office at Ideo in Palo Alto, Calif. Hackett and Kelley say the wormhole allows them to behave as if their offices were next door.

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