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National TED lecturer and MAKE magazine publisher Dale Dougherty turned the tables on a crowd of creatives who braved tornado warnings last night to hear his talk at GRid70 in Grand Rapids on the do-it-together trend that is sweeping the nation.

Dougherty instead asked all the attendees to introduce themselves and talk a bit about how they fashioned things from wood, metal, fabrics, electronic components and other ingredients and what their current projects were.

A catenary arch is a remarkable thing -- just think of the grandeur of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, the tallest man-made monument in the United States. And it all started with observations from scientists and engineers of centuries past who wondered why a chain or cable always makes the same curve when it hangs -- the word catenary itself means "chain" in Latin.

The Influence West Michigan blog of Mlive ran a piece written by Matthew Gryczan about the Maker Faire Detroit and what it says about Michigan inventors -- and the fun they have.

According to the article:

Anyone who has a sinking feeling Americans have lost their knack for making things and are now only consumers of cheap imported goods needed to stroll the grounds of the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit recently to put his or her mind at ease.